A new game by ICE has been spotted at my local Dave & Busters called Super Kixx Pro Dome Soccer. This game is currently on location at Dave & Busters in the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga NY. It is a remake of ICE’s Super Kixx Soccer that was made around 1990 and the original Kixx Bubble Dome soccer game which was made in 1985. Since this game hasn’t been manufactured since the early 1990’s it is nice to see it come back to market. Gone is the turf field of the original, replaced with a smooth playfield just like Super Chexx Pro bubble hockey.
The LCD display is in the corner of the cabinet right where it should be.

A new feature of this game is that it has an elevator inside of it to bring the ball to the top of the playfield.

Here’s a few more pictures and videos:

I made a short video where I talk about the cabinet:

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