The game of pinball has found its way into many different pop culture genres, from advertising to movies, beer cans to art exhibitions, books to phone apps.

Now, a new ‘roll & write’ tabletop game takes pinball and its core features as its inspiration.

Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade from WizKids takes the established format of roll & write dice games and applies a pinball theme to create four different tables which are played with laminated cards, dice, tokens and dry-erase marker pens.

The Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade box

If, like us, you are not overly-familiar with the concept of roll & write games, they are played by one to four players on a table or floor using dice to advance through a play area, triggering features and scoring points as you go. You mark your progress on the playing boards using a dry-erase pen and a token, trying to complete features to give you power-ups and scoring boosts. The game can be played alone purely for points or against others to try to beat their scores.

It sounds complicated, but soon becomes clearer once you start playing.

The four tables in Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade are called Carniball, CyberHack, DragonSlayer and Dance Fever, all of which should be pretty-much self-explanatory as far as their themes go.

The box contents

Inside the box you get eight double-sided laminated cards which equate to four copies of each of the four tables. You also get eight backbox cards which feature each game’s ‘backglass’ artwork along with a scoring grid.

The play boards and backbox cards for the four games

Most titles also have a backbox mini-game on the card which, like a real pinball, momentarily transfers action off the main playfield. Only the Carniball table doesn’t have a backbox mini-game.

Some of the backbox card mini-games

Up to four players can play at once, each receiving their own copy of the table, two ball markers, the backbox card for scoring and any extra features, and a dry-erase marker pen.

The dry-erase pen with a built-in eraser

Carniball is the simplest of the four and serves as a good introduction to how a pinball roll & write game works. There