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24 04, 2019

10 Badass Moments With Duke Nukem

By |2019-04-24T17:03:00+01:00April 24th, 2019|Retro Consoles|Comments Off on 10 Badass Moments With Duke Nukem

Ever since Duke made his debut 28 years ago in a successful side-scroller, he’s been saving the world (and the babes) countless times while cracking oodles of cheesy one-liners ever since. This list is made up of ten moments that truly defined Duke as a badass protagonist.   Duke vs. Robot-Duke – Duke Nukem: Manhattan [...]

12 11, 2018

5 Goofy Video Game Weapons, Part 2

By |2018-11-13T11:48:27+00:00November 12th, 2018|Retro Consoles|Comments Off on 5 Goofy Video Game Weapons, Part 2

Weapons are a vital inclusion for many combat-centric games. Some allow you to duke it out with guns, axes and special powers. Although, not all titles stick with a conventional arsenal made up of generic assault rifles or samey melee weapons… From exploding sheep to severed body parts, these are five more goofy video game [...]