13 07, 2020

Guest Post: Unearthing Hidden Treasure In Amusements

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Happy Monday everyone, today we have a guest post by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report. His article is based upon a 2017 post from Tony Temple (, where he wanted to provide more insight into such “arcade raid” situations, but his normal newsletter isn’t really the place for such a thing. I believe we [...]

17 04, 2019


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Last year marked our return to the Flip Expo show in Le Tréport, France after a few years away. We had a great time then, so returning this year was, to coin a phrase, a “no-brainer”. The town of Le Tréport in Normandy Of course there are several other reasons why we’d want to make [...]

24 04, 2018


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It’s been five years since we were last in Le Tréport on the northern French coast to visit Flip Expo, and there have been some changes in the interim. The town is still the same picturesque fishing port, and it was looking especially attractive this weekend due to the 25C temperature, bright sunshine and blue skies. [...]