Joe Balcer

4 01, 2021

American Pinball hires pinball designer Dennis Nordman

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American Pinball announced they hired Dennis Nordman as a new Senior Game Designer.  In his position, Dennis will be able to mentor the American Pinball design staff as well. Dennis is no stranger to this profession, having designed many pinball games for Bally, Williams, Stern, Whizbang, Multimorphic, Heighway and Deeproot Pinball. Games designed by Dennis Nordman include [...]

12 08, 2019


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Having revealed the production version of their Houdini game in March 2018, American Pinball wasted little time before unveiling the company’s second title in October of the same year. Game Designer, Joe Balcer, had announced the title of game two at the Vancouver Flip-Out Pinball Expo earlier in the year during his seminar. The first [...]