18 07, 2023

Stern Pinball Launches VENOM For Collectors & Arcades

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Stern Pinball is doing a slow-cook rollout of info on their newest game VENOM, although today brings a bit more info to chew on, including a quick game trailer. Designed by Brian Eddy with Zombie Yeti producing the artwork, my general feeling from this trailer is that the game captures a great feel for the [...]

18 07, 2023


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Stern Pinball today revealed their second (and probably final) cornerstone title of 2023 – the much anticipated new game from game designer Brian Eddy, Venom. Based on the Marvel comic book character, Venom is the result of an extra-terrestrial symbiote bonding with a human host to create a symbiotic combo with superhuman powers. Venom was [...]