Way back in May of 2018, Taito began testing an airsoft/BB gun video game hybrid in Japan by the name of GunArena. The game fell into the realm of an interactive shooting gallery, but the element of a real airsoft gun gave it a unique dimension of play.
Taito did make a surprise appearance at IAAPA 2018, bringing along an odd assortment of games, although GunArena was not one of them. In researching exhibitors for this year, Taito was not on the list in any search, so I figured that they wouldn’t show up this time. Given that no distributor appeared to connect with them after IAE18, it wasn’t much of a surprise.
Then this video appeared on YouTube today:

One thing that might not be clear from the video is that the sensor on the bottom of the gun is made to only allow the gun to fire when it is pointed at the screen. This safety mechanism is welcome & necessary, as otherwise it would become a real issue for obvious reasons. The screen has also been designed to absorb most of the impact, sending the pellets into a collection box below as opposed to ricocheting off into the arcade.
It is slightly amusing/cringey that the people holding the guns wear safety goggles, then the people standing by go and stand in front of the firing line to cheer at the side (a big gun safety no-no). It will be interesting to see this in person and whether or not the absorption screen works as advertised.

As such, I’ll find out more about this one next week; It could end up being a mini-attraction like axe throwing. What do you think?
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