We’ve been covering the Exa-Arcadia platform for a while now, and with the release of the new multi-game platform approaching fast, I figured it might be good to highlight some of the games that are coming to it, with their own focused post. This feels a prudent thing to do, given that we currently know about twenty-four separate releases for the platform, although not all of those will be releasing when the Exa platform launches at the end of this Spring/beginning of Summer.
For the first title that we’ll take a deeper look at is one that was announced and covered briefly in the many JAEPO 2019 announcements this past January, Blazing Chrome. I was intrigued by this one mainly because it is a run’n gun title with a strong Contra III and Metal Slug vibe to it; where the Exa system is heavily populated with STGs and fighting games, it is a welcome addition. While Metal Slug doesn’t earn like it used to, any time that I have had an MS game out on the floor, it does fine. I also recall seeing Metal Slug 6 always appearing on the Replay Magazine monthly charts up until a couple of years ago, so I know I haven’t been the only one to see the game do fine on location.
While the game has not yet been released to PC via Steam, you can find a listing for it here. Then check out this footage in buttery smooth 60fps:

Blazing Chrome is being developed by a two-person team out of Brazil that calls themselves Joymasher. I e-mailed them to find out more about the project and particularly the Exa-Arcadia version, although the last time we spoke, they didn’t have anything to report beyond that the game is pretty much finished. As I like to