To start off June, we have some news on another arcade racer software update: Tecnoplay’s Race Craft. This is a racing game released to the European market last year, and has been detailed on the site a few times. While I have not had a personal opportunity to try the game yet, as it was not at IAAPA 2019, I would love to give it the chance if I ever do come across it. Per the map found on the official Race Craft coin-op website, the game has sold pretty well in Tecnoplay’s home of Italy; A few units are also available in the US, Canada, UK, Spain & Israel.
The news about the game touches on a new software update that the company has launched to further improve the experience, called Race Craft EVO. I first saw the trailer on the Tecnoplay Facebook page; As I couldn’t find it elsewhere, and embedding FB videos doesn’t work as nicely or smoothly as a place like YouTube, I took the liberty of capturing the video and sharing it on both YouTube and BitChute. Since I didn’t have the original video file, the appearance is somewhat muddy:

Granted, while it is a direct capture, it only shows the attract mode, and doesn’t detail what’s been added to the game. To find out, I sent a message to Tecnoplay, and Mauro Zaccaria was kind of enough to supply the following data.
He did confirm that it is a major upgrade to the software, where it was going to be unveiled at the Enada Rimini show in April, but that was one of many shows canceled thanks to the pandemic. The software will be included in Race Craft machines that are sold from here on out, although when that will open up is still unknown. The game will