We’re in the age of non-physical, totally virtual tradeshow events – whether or not that will continue on into 2021 remains to be seen, but it’s the reality for most events right now.
Normally around this time of year, the industry would be holding the AAMA Gala in the Chicago area. This is always a low-key event where manufacturers get together and show off some new products after holding a number of seminars. Since physical get-togethers are anathema this year, they are still holding the Gala, but doing so on YouTube. Here is the stream, which should be available for viewing afterward:

The event runs today and tomorrow – I’m unsure if there are any new games we’ll see, but I’ll be watching as much as I can (I am hard at work on my second location, which requires a bit of time away from a computer) and will report back. As I write this, they are showing a new trailer for Super Bikes 3 that I hadn’t seen before (or had overlooked). It even touts the QR code function, which they haven’t touted enough in the past, IMHO.
What do you hope comes out of this event?
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