Rushing towards Black Friday and the holidays, and we see a perfusion of retro-mini arcade cabinets hitting the shelves. Friend-of-the-site, and trend specialist Kevin Williams looks at a selection of the releases hoping to feed off their arcade legacy and find a place at home.

Being old enough to remember the first flush of excitement of video gaming in the arcades back in the 70’s and 80’s. At the height of this trend and the consumer sector fought for their piece of the pie – looking at branding everything related to the popular titles. Be it ‘Space Invaders’ board games or ‘PAC-MAN’ breakfast cereal. But one refrain from the consumer electronics industry, was the ability to “bring the arcade classics home!” Scaling down arcade tech, to be able to play in the living room.

The interest to have video arcade pieces at home has not diminished over the years, and while full-size arcade machine collectors have carved out a niche – the reality is that most consumers do not have the space or deep pockets to own a personalized arcade machine. But feeding off the nostalgia and latent popularity of arcade gaming, a growing trend has gained momentum, building off the cachet of retro-gaming.
One of the leaders in profiting from this cachet is Arcade1Up – known for their officially licensed arcade cabinets. The operation has released a large range comprising mini (uprights), countercade (counter-top), and head-to-head (cocktail) cabinets. Most recently launching a ‘Outrun’ seated arcade cabinet, working in partnership with SEGA to reprieves the classic racer in a at-home arcade form factor. Adding compact deluxe sit-down designs alongside their upright cabinets.

OutRun seated cabinet / Star Wars Digital pinball
Arcade1Up has even expanded into home miniature digital pinball tables. The company licensing a range of at-home systems including the ‘Star Wars’ digital pinball machine