The past couple of weeks has seen the first set of Evercade handhelds out in the wild in the hands of reviewers, and 3 Evercade reviews have surfaced from some top Retro gaming influencers on YouTube. The reviews are really positive for the new console that seems like a collector’s dream, and we’re looking forward to more reviews appearing soon.
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The key point that the reviewers seem to be taking from the console is that it’s being made by people who truly understand the retro gaming scene. The console has also been praised for its smooth gameplay across the board, and impressive sound quality for games like Earthworm Jim that have great soundtracks. There was also a good response to the hardware itself, especially the feel of the D-pad – which apparently feels firm and clicks into certain positions as it should.
The Evercade reviews also pointed out the full-colour manuals included in each collection that show off a bit about the game, and the relevant controls. The Mega Cat Studios pack received a lot of positive attention, which includes new games made for old consoles, and the Evercade was praised for it’s inclusion of such a collection. The console is certainly something that a collector would want on their shelf, especially with the collection boxes – it’s nice to have something physical for a change isn’t it? This is just the beginning for Evercade too, they’ve already announced more collections will be coming post-launch.
If you’re thinking about picking up the Evercade when it launches this year, have a watch of these reviews to help make your mind up! You can pre-order your Evercade right here.
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