If you’ve been a reader of the site for any length of time, then you know that we enjoy researching and discussing unreleased arcade games. My interest in these games is enough that we have an unfinished games link at the top of the site. While we’ve discovered a lot about unreleased games over the years, info on them pops-up infrequently (it’s been quite a while since our last story on an unfinished game).
But that changes today thanks to a large thread that was posted to Twitter by an artist who worked on the formerly mysterious game on the Atari Games list that was known as Bounty Hunter. Over on System16, there was also next to nothing mentioned about it, but perhaps they can update that after this new info. All of the below was shared to Twitter via artist Scott Christian Sava, so big thanks to him for both preserving and sharing this all for us to enjoy. I just figured that it would be nice to have that all in a blog format, as sometimes things get overlooked in Twitter threads.
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The Initial Proposal
From the first tweet, we learn that Bounty Hunter began development in February of 1993 at Atari Games, where the game was being proposed by Ed Logg (one of Atari’s most prevalent game designers/project leads…having worked on Asteroids, Centipede, and dozens of other titles) as a “response” to Midway’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Konami’s Lethal Enforcers. The latter game is mentioned frequently in the initial design proposal, where it was just known as “Gun Game.” It would use digitization to “look as real as