Hyperkin’s latest retro console is aimed squarely at SNES lovers – and there’s plenty to love in the SupaRetroN HD too!

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System – the best-selling console of the 16-bit era! And when you’re looking for the reason why, you don’t need to look very far beyond an extensive library of thrilling games.

First launched in the US in January, Hyperkin’s SupaRetroN HD is a new console dedicated to taking those games to the next level via top quality hardware and a vibrant HD output. It’s time to dust off those cartridges!



The SupaRetroN HD is designed to look after your favourite SNES catridges, while making the games themselves visually stunning. It features Hyperkin’s new Pin Perfect™ technology. Engineered in-house by Hyperkin, they set a new standard for state-of-the-art, high-quality pins.

The presence of these high quality pins – alongside a nifty cartridge eject button – means you can swap game cartridges without fear of damaging those vital connections. Once they’re slotted in, the SupaRetroN HD’s HD output will display your games with incredible clarity – letting you experience those great SNES titles like never before.

You’ll be able to enjoy those games with friends as well – the Supa Retron HD comes with two of Hyperkin’s Premium “Scout” controllers. With a classic look, solid build and comfortable ergonomic design – they’re sure to be capable companions while you relive those 90’s classics! (The original controllers are supported too)

A USB-charge cable, NTSC/PAL switch and choice of aspect ratio complete an offering which looks to make it as easy as possible to get playing your favourite SNES games again.



• Plays both SNES and SFC Cartridges

• HD Audio and Video: Crisp 720p

• Two premium controllers – The Scout – with 8ft cables

• Pin Perfect™ high-quality pins your cartridges deserve

• Cartridge Eject Button allows you to swap games quickly and easily

• HD Output and AV Output

• Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios

• 6ft micro-USB charge cable


The SupaRetroN HD is available to pre-order NOW ahead of it’s March 9th Release Date!

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