Stern Pinball today revealed their latest title and their first of 2019, the much-anticipated John Borg design, The Munsters.
The Munsters, from Stern Pinball
Based on the mid-’60s TV series of the same name, The Munsters has been known about for many months, with the only doubt being about the timing of the release – whether it would debut in 2018 before The Beatles: Beatlemania Pinball, or after it.  As it transpired, The Beatles was seen as the better prospect for holiday sales and took precedence.
The Munsters is being debuted at the CES 2019 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas where Stern Pinball have a large presence and are presenting this latest release alongside their other recent title The Beatles on their stand.
As usual, the game arrives in three variants – Pro, Premium and a 500-machine Limited Edition.  However, unlike the last few Stern releases, there are significant playfield differences between the Pro and the upper two models.
Starting with the Pro, the cabinet, backbox and translite all feature very colourful depictions of the Munster family, even though the TV series on which this is based was shot in black-and-white.
The Pro model
That black-and-white nature of the original TV series is mirrored in the Premium model which is largely monochromatic both on the exterior and interior.
The Premium model
It was thought for a while that the Limited Edition model would get the monochrome treatment, but it’s back to full colour for the LE, albeit with a rather more classy coffin-style art package along with gold backbox trim and legs.
The Limited Edition model
Let’s start our look at the playfield with the Pro model before seeing what the upper models add to the mix.
The model plaque for the Pro
The Pro playfield
So this is a two-flipper, two-ramp, six-ball game, with a central Herman Munster bash toy featuring a magnet in front, all-metal ramps, Grandpa’s Laboratory scoop, two Eddie orbit lanes, a side Dragway kicker lane, two long standup targets on the left and right, two inlanes on the left side, and an illuminated ‘Zap’ button on the lock bar.
The pro model’s two flippers, feature grid and central playfield