Released in 2001, the arrival of Microsoft to the console wars was as much of a surprised to Nintendo and Sony as it was the rest of us but, if you had paid close attention in the years prior, the signs that Microsoft was about to dive head first into the industry were there.
From standardizing its PC video game operations with the launch of DirectX to the partnership with Sega on the Dreamcast and Windows CE, Microsoft’s interest in the industry had grown since the days of Japan’s MSX and, after the Dreamcast’s untimely demise, it seemed like the perfect hour to join the fray. And it was, even if it did launch during the heyday of Sony’s most popular console, the PlayStation 2 (which also happens to be the most successful home console of all time.)
Though the original Xbox was unable to dethrone industry leader the PlayStation 2, the console nonetheless introduced the world to some now-classic series such as Halo and Fable. Rocking graphics unseen on rival consoles, the original Xbox was a beast of a machine and weighed so much it could have probably killed a small child if it had fallen on him.
Beloved by the modding clique today, the original Xbox married the style of PC gaming with the form factor of home consoles in a way that few devices have attempted since.
Naturally, the box would have been nothing without good software, and that’s something the original Xbox had a in droves. From mastery of first-person shooters to deep and involved role playing games, the best games for the original Xbox offer a little something for everyone.
10. MechAssault

Gamers who recall the popular Mech Warrior series of games will enjoy MechAssault. Basically the same concept just for consoles, MechAssault puts you in the pilot’s seat of a