1999 was one heck of a year and not just because of the impending Y2K apocalypse on the horizon. The year that served as the transition point between the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, 1999 demonstrated that the PSX was nowhere close to being finished with triple-A titles and the general quality of the PlayStation lineup is reflected in the rest of the industry as competition was at an absolute fever pitch for gamer dollars and pounds.
As you can imagine, picking out a couple of the best games from this year – let alone 10 – is a tough task. We’ve tried to give 1999 a fair shake in this article with a top 10 list that fairly represents pretty much the best of 1999. Of course, we’re sure you have your own thoughts and we’d love to hear them. Here are our top 10 games of 1999:
10. Planescape: Torment (PC)

Set in the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse of the Planescape, Torment comes to us from Black Isle Studios and Interplay, the same outfit behind other PC role-playing game classics like Fallout and Fallout 2. Using the same engine as Baldur’s Gate, Torment does not emphasize combat but instead focuses intensely on the story. If you’ve wanted a game that plays like a great fantasy novel, Torment is your title. Critically lauded at release, it didn’t do very well commercially – probably because of the same reasons listed above. Since then, however, it has come to be regarded as not only the best RPG of 1999 but one of the best games ever made.
9. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PlayStation)

We feel like this game doesn’t get enough love and we’re shocked that there are no efforts to bring it back. Legacy of Kain was a relatively obscure, often difficult, role-playing adventure game.