Survival horror is one of those genres that is so broad as to almost be meaningless as a descriptor. You’ve got zombie survival horror, ghosts, rogue AI, aliens – you name it, if it can kill you, it can be front and center in a survival horror.
Given how diverse the field is, it is pretty tough to find just 10 games to label the best. How do you do that? For our list, we decided to include old and new, sci-fi and horror, as well as psychological versus B-movie horror. We think this list represents a pretty good swath of the titles out there in the genre and we guarantee that they will both provide scares and a good time.
With that said, here are our top 10 survival horror games of all time:
10. Outlast

What better location for a survival horror game than an insane asylum? That’s the place you find yourself trapped in during the events of Outlast, easily one of the most terrifying and intense games you will ever play. There’s a story and there’s a conspiracy, but you have to survive the world’s most psychotic version of hide and seek.
Eventually, that’s all that really matters. You’re a nosey reporter who has stumbled upon something really bad. Basically the inmates are running wild and killing everyone in the area.
You can leave, but you try to and, in classic horror film fashion, you can’t. That’s when it sets in that you will be playing out a horror film and we all know what that means: Prepare to run and fall while being pursued by who knows what. Intense is the one word to sum up this game and, after that, memorable.
9. Dead Space

Do you like your survival horror in outer space but you want something like the zombies in Resident