Few sequels match or eclipse the original but the Game Boy Advance is perhaps one of the most successful follow ups in the history of consumer electronics.
Released in 2001 to an eager audience of gamers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the console, the Game Boy Advance promised the bright, colorful graphics of a Super Nintendo combined with the portability and convenience of a Game Boy. And, in most respects, Nintendo delivered, shipping a console that not only matched the Super Nintendo in many ways but also was more powerful than it. With over 80 million units sold over its commercial lifespan, the Game Boy Advance was also a prelude to the uncontested dominance that Nintendo enjoys in the handheld space to this day. Heck, there’s even a contingent out there that makes the argument that, rather than being a home console, the new Nintendo Switch itself is nothing more than a portable system.
That’s because the Game Boy Advance, much more so than any other Nintendo portable, faced stiff market competition from other makers. But, in the end, it bested them all and birthed the dynasty we still see today.
Of course you’re not here for a history listen – you want to hear about the games. This isn’t going to be a list of the “best of” titles on the Game Boy Advance; instead we’re going to delve into the archives and tell you about the ten top underrated games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.
10. Rebelstar: Tactical Command

You might think a portable console and tactical role playing games are not the best combination but Rebelstar, the same pedigree as the ZX Spectrum series from the day, is here to prove you wrong. Somewhat like Final Fantasy Tactics or Battle Tactics Ogre, Rebelstar: Tactical Commands features deep strategic