One of the most popular systems ever released, handheld or otherwise, the original Game Boy from Gunpei Yokoi changed the way gamers viewed on-the-go gaming forever. In many ways you can see the impact the Game Boy had all around us from smartphone games to the latest Nintendo hybrid console that combines the best of both worlds.
A commercial success when it debuted in Japan in 1989, the Game Boy boasts one of the largest libraries in all of video gaming – and that can be both a blessing and a curse for gamers. After all, how do you decide what to play and what to leave well enough alone.
You might be familiar with a few of the classics on the system such as Tetris and the Mario Land series, but what about the more obscure titles that inhabit its catalogue? There are a lot of them – from educational titles to medical games as well.
Indeed, with one of the most varied libraries for any system, the Game Boy cannot help but have something for everyone. And with recent rumors that the console might be making some kind of comeback in the age of everything retro what better way to get acquainted with it than by learning about some of its obscure titles.
In this list we’re going to separate the best from the rest when it comes to the 10 top underrated titles for the original pea-green screen Game Boy machine. If you’ve heard of some of these games you’re in deep to the Game Boy ecosystem but we suspect most of you will have never seen these titles before today.
10. Castlevania Legends

The third Castlevania title to make its way to the Game Boy, Legends continues the stellar gameplay of the first two entries and offers a few unique twists on