When it comes to classic consoles, few command quite the esteem that the Nintendo 64 does. The home of titles such as Super Mario 64 and Golden Eye, among others, the Nintendo 64 was Nintendo’s response to the growing popularity of 3D graphics and multiplayer gameplay. Like the Super Nintendo before it, the Nintendo 64 boasted of a top-shelf library of triple-A first-party titles from the Big N and a bevy of other companies. You’ve probably heard of the biggest titles on the system, but what about the more obscure – though equally stellar – titles the Nintendo 64 holds in its library?
In this article we’re going to discuss the 10 top underrated Nintendo 64 games. You’ve probably played or know someone that has owned most of these if you haven’t owned them yourself so it isn’t like the titles are a complete mystery. That said, we know you’ll find more than a few surprises here.
10. Space Station Silicon Valley

Published by Take Two Interactive and developed by DMA Design, Space Station Silicon Valley is a platformer that arrived for the Nintendo 64 in 1998 and features a robot named Evo that is a microchip capable of controlling animals to move around and the explore the environment. A trippy game, it also features light puzzle-solving elements as well as a narrative but, really, the focus is on how well the game comes together as a total package. Coming out relatively later in the Nintendo 64’s life, Space Station Silicon Valley wasn’t overlooked so much as it was overcrowded.
9. Vigilante 8

Luxoflux’s vehicular combat game for the Nintendo 64, Vigilante 8, is part of the Interstate 76 series and features vehicular combat in arenas across the western United States. In the tradition of Twisted Metal and Super Mario Kart, cars can add up