The Sega Master System had a tough road to hoe when it debuted in Japan in October 1985, two years after the launch of the legendary Nintendo Famicom – also known as the system that single-handedly breathed new life into a dying video game market following the crash of 1983.
Sega’s first major foray against Nintendo, though not its first time in the home console rodeo by any stretch, was destined for ignominy if not outright failure. The Master System nonetheless demonstrated the company’s penchant for building quality, addictive arcade-inspired titles that could more than sustain a home console.
It goes almost without saying that the Master System was itself an underrated console in a tough market but what about its games? What are the most underrated titles on an already underrated system?
If you haven’t perused the Sega Master System library before you may be struck by how vast and diverse it is for what is only a mere footnote in video game console history. Role playing games, action titles, and adventure forays all fill the archive. This article will delve into that collection and tell you what we think are the 10 top underrated games for the Sega Mega Drive.
10. Penguin Land

Actually the second game in the Doki Doki Penguin Land series, Penguin Land for the Sega Master System is a puzzle platformer where the player assumes the role of a pixelated penguin called Penguin Mission Commander Overbite attempting to guide an egg around obstacles. With 50 stages and a robust level editor to boot – pretty ahead of its time, if you ask us, featuring the ability to store no less than 15 stages – Penguin Land offers a ton of content for a game of its type.
9. Wonder Boy

You may recognize this title as sharing a look and feel