When it comes to consoles, nothing quite beats the blockbuster success of Sony’s follow up to its PlayStation console, the PlayStation 2. Boasting of one of the deepest and most varied libraries in all of video games, the PlayStation 2 was a true powerhouse when it come to both entertainment and experimental video games. Publishers were willing to put almost anything on the system and, consequently, devs got creative and threw everything but the kitchen sink at the drawing board for PlayStation 2 games. That means there’s a ton of crap, even innovative stuff, but the games that truly stand the test of time tend to be from standard genres.
But what about those non-standard games that were awesome?
In this article we offer you our 10 top underrated PlayStation 2 games. You’ve probably heard of these titles – nothing was that obscure on the PS2 – but you’ve probably not seen them lauded in some time. We hope to correct that deficiency here.
10. Freedom Fighters

A game from the makers of Hitman, Freedom Fighters is an amazing squad-based tactical shooter that pits the player and his team against an invading force of Russians. IO Interactive pulled out all the stops for Freedom Fighters and it shows: From slick graphics to crisp sound, Freedom Fighters screams polish and its gameplay is honed to an almost needle point. A gradual difficulty curve with an engaging, if trite, narrative, Freedom Fighters reminds you of films like Red Dawn recent games like Homefront but without all of the hokey patriotism of the first and the visceral audacity of the latter. Easily a game for both first-person shooter fans and tactical strategy games alike.
9. Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Before wowing the world with its Batman-themed Arkham games, Rocksteady Studios was busy making polished, epic software like