Launched by Sinclair Research in 1982, the ZX Spectrum 8-bit home computer is fondly remembered by legions of fans for its huge library of video games. Initially conceived as a it do-it-all device for the home and specifically those homes that had not yet embraced the computer revolution, the ZX Spectrum also had productivity software and other applications developed for it as well though we will focus on the video game library in this article. We’ve talked in the past about the 10 top games for the ZX Spectrum, and there are no surprises there, but in this article we’d like to discuss the 10 top underrated games for the Sinclair Research ZX Spectrum.
This list is not in any particular order but instead just represents a list of what we thought were some games that people would want to check out today. One thing you notice when you peruse the ZX Spectrum’s library is just how many simple, though great, titles there are. We tried our best to avoid those games in this top 10 list simply because there are a ton of them and most of their concepts exist in other games. In short, while those games are good, they’re quite derivative and simple – probably not the best material for this list.
And without further ado, here are the 10 top underrated games for the ZX Spectrum that you should check out if you get an opportunity.
10. Karnov

This 1987 platform title from Data East saw an iteration on nearly every possible video game platform around at the time, including the ZX Spectrum. As Jinborov Karnovski, players shoot fireballs, dodge enemies, and generally do things you’d typically find in a Super Mario Bros. game except for in the world of Karnov which itself is a blend of Soviet Central Asia