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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Homepin’s Thunderbirds are Shipping

Homepin announced on this Facebook post that “The first container of FULLY FINISHED, production Thunderbirds Pinball machines was loaded and left the factory today!”

Jersey Jack Production Info

Last week, Jersey Jack Pinball shared the image above with the following caption “Was a good week #theyrecoming #piratesofthecaribbean“.
Jersey Jack also reached out to Lloyd Olsen to let him know he’d be getting his game in two or three weeks according to this Pinside post.  Kevin from Buffalo Pinball also got a call sharing that his JJPOTC was on the line, according to this Pinside post.  The wait is almost over!

Stern of the Union

There were a few items of note in the Stern of the Union last week.  Under the Status of Code section, they shared the following:

Batman ’66 – We hope you enjoyed the most recent release and there is still plenty in store!  We are finalizing the minor villain modes and adding two more wizard modes.  Look for another update later this month.
Iron Maiden – We hope you’re enjoying your game and we are aware of some current bugs that are currently being addressed.  We’ll release an update as soon as it’s ready.
Aerosmith – Work continues on the next Aerosmith update and it’s taking longer than anticipated with internal development, testing, and trying to make a great game even better!  Our goal is to release this by the end of next month.  We still have KISS updates following Aerosmith which will be followed by a Ghostbusters update

Regarding accessories, Stern shared:

The Star Wars topper is still in the final phase of production development and approvals.  We’ll make a formal announcement