Over the weekend of May 10th-12th, the Tilt barcade in central Oslo welcomed pinball players from all over Scandinavia for their second-annual Tilt Pinball Open. It was a packed weekend of pinball with four full-fat, 100% TGP tournaments!

Tilt is located right in the centre of Oslo, off one of the main squares with hundreds of restaurants, stores and hotels within just a couple of minutes’ walk. It is also located within a ten-minute walk of the central train and bus stations.

Tilt in the centre of Oslo

The location sports three bars across two-and-a-half floors. In addition to thirty-plus pinball machines, there were also dozens of classic and modern arcade machines, pool, bubble hockey and several shuffleboards.

The calm before the storm

Normally, the location hosts about fifteen pinball machines, but additional machines were brought in for the tournament. The machines are drawn from a collection of hundreds of machines and what a collection it is! All of the recent Sterns and JJP machines were accounted for, with Willy Wonka and a Black Knight: Sword of Rage LE arriving shortly.

Here are the thirty-two pinballs at Tilt for the tournament weekend:

Addams Family, TheHarley Davidson (Bally)Attack from MarsHobbit, TheBanzai RunIncredible Hulk, TheBatman: The Dark KnightMonster BashBlack KnightMotordomeBlack Knight: Sword of Rage ProMousin AroundCreature from the Black LagoonMunsters, The LEDeadpool LEPirates of the Caribbean (JJP)Demolition ManRoad ShowDialed In!Shadow, TheDirty HarrySpider-Man Vault EditionFamily GuyStar Wars LEFish TalesTheatre of MagicGetaway, The: High Speed IITime Machine (Data East)Gilligan’s IslandTriZoneGuardians of the Galaxy LEWhite Water

Signs posted around the venue for ‘normal’ bar patrons to explain why so many of the machines were taken up by the tournament

Friday evening saw a progressive-strikes tournament with 63 players in attendance.

Players were seeded into four-player groups and went off and played a machine. The winner received zero strikes while second received one, third received two and fourth received three. This continued for seven rounds until eight players remained.

These eight were put into two four-player groups and played three machines, with the top two going on to the four-player final.

The top four were as follows:

Bo Mertins (Denmark)Reidar Spets (Sweden) Bjørn Holter (Norway) Peter