A new pinball from Spanish producers Quetzal Pinball and STR Pinball has been previewed at the Arcade Museum in Petrer in Spain.  It is a single-level, four-flipper game, with five balls and a fast and furious style of gameplay, a custom electronics boardset and full RGB lighting.
The right-side view of Tokyo Perfect Drift
The left side of the game
The top view of TPD
Tokyo Perfect Drift is a collaboration between Antonio Ortuño from Quetzal Pinball and Orlando and Cristina from STR Pinball who built several of Quetzal Pinball’s previous title, Captain Nemo Dives Again, and who assembled the prototype of this new game along with providing much of the troubleshooting.
Antonio spoke to Pinball News about his new title and how it was developed.
He told us how, having given up his job as a computer programmer three years ago to concentrate on building pinballs, he was working on developing his follow-up to Captain Nemo.  However, earlier this year he realised the game wouldn’t be ready before the end of 2018 and how, since pinball design was now his main source of income, he needed another paying project.  So, at the end of July he spoke to Orlando and Cristina from STR Pinball about developing a simpler, single-level pinball game which they would assemble.  He also got the graphic designer from Captain Nemo, Gustavo Díaz a.k.a. Lord Hiryu, on board to create the artwork, despite his love of games with ramps.
Antonio told us, “I was clear that it would be a four-flipper pinball, with a Japanese theme and electronic music. Our first choice was a sci-fi story with robots and Japanese theme, but after talking with Gustavo I realized that a theme that complex wouldn’t work because we had to explain too many things and we needed a simpler theme. Finally, we choose the drifting car races that are huge in Japan and meet my requirements of a Japanese theme with electronic music.”
Although he usually takes some time to create his playfields, Antonio created the Tokyo Perfect Drift design in a weekend at the start of August.  He chose this time because many manufacturing