I previously reported on a new redemption game made by ICE called Tomy Waterfuls Ring Toss, based off the water-based toy game from the 1970’s and 1980’s. This game is currently located at Dave & Busters Buffalo in the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga, NY. Since I last reported on the game, it has received some significant upgrades both in cabinet design and gameplay.  The changes are immediately noticeable starting with the sign or marquee on the game, which has been changed from a blocky sign to a rotating double-ring with a display that shows how many tickets you can win for the jackpot. I love the new sign with the rotating rings.
The early version of the Waterfuls marquee

Here’s the more attractive updated version

The whole cabinet has been redesigned, now sporting an LED focused red cabinet while the previous cabinet was white. This new design appears much more streamlined and more catching to the eye than the white one.
Here’s the old cabinet:
 The new cabinet:
 There have also been a couple additions to the game play. The game play is skill-based and now includes a virtual peg that shows up towards the middle to end of your game. The object of the game is still to pump the rings onto the physical pegs that are built into the game; You still have 2 physical pegs per player to deal with. The button on the game is still a pressure-based pumping button, not a hit it all or nothing button. A mystery ring has also been added, which gives you a mystery value if you can get that ring around one of the pegs. These 2 changes add more excitement to the game and will surely keep the player coming back for more.
Here is a video of the updated game:

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