Soundtracks add depth to video games, and can make us feel all sorts of emotions. However, not all soundtracks are made up of dramatic or melancholic compositions. These ten video game songs are just as ridiculous as they are loveable and memorable. Accordions, polka and swearing squid-kids are the last things you’d expect when you’re shooting zombies or fighting wars!
You Are Dead – Total Distortion
Composed by Joe Sparks
Easily the greatest ‘game over’ theme you’ll ever hear in a video game. In Total Distortion, you gotta visit Heavy Metal-themed planets in order to make the greatest music video ever for fame and cash. It’s only appropriate that the developers decided to add a song that reminds you how much you suck at it when you fail. The chants of “You are dead! Dead! Dead!” are so infectious that you’ll be singing along, too.

Critics’ Choice – House of the Dead: Overkill
Composed by John Sanderson
Parodying B-horror movies, blaxploitation films and ‘video nasties’ of the seventies and eighties, House of the Dead: Overkill is a rude, crude ‘n’ hilarious twist to the otherwise-overtly serious zombie-slaying series. In fact, it’s so good, the announcer of the game decides to talk about what all the critics (and a few other unlikely people) are saying. All to the tune of a deliciously funky track.

Like a Monkey – TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
Composed by Goteki
TimeSplitters 2 may be a fan favourite (hey, it did throw over 100 playable characters at us, one of which was a monkey), but TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is easily the most polished title in the series, not to mention the funniest. One reason is that there’s a catchy dance-song called “Like a Monkey” that you play on any custom match you wish. Don’t expect any thought-provoking lyrics. It’s all about going crazy with guns… like a