Probably the single most dominant gaming format for most triple-A titles today, first-person shooters stormed the video games industry when they were popularised by a title from id Software called DOOM.
But DOOM wasn’t the first FPS, though it did take the genre to the heights it enjoys today. Depending on who you ask, first-person shooters either got their start with Wolfenstein 3D or as far back as 1987’s MIDI Maze by Hybrid Arts for the Atari ST.
Regardless of the origins of the genre, most every fan of it knows about some of its bigger names – especially today. Halo, Call of Duty, Overwatch… even battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds owe a lot to founding fathers of the FPS genre.
This list, however, is going to be about the top 10 retro first person shooter games. It consists of a smattering of PC and console titles as well as those that do not focus on story and those that build the entire game around it.
Here are the 10 top retro FPS games:
10. Descent

Developed by Parallax Software and Interplay Productions, this 3D space combat FPS will either induce thrills or vomiting depending on your tolerance for motion sickness. As one of the few early FPS games that truly placed the player in a three dimensional space, Descent is unique and, if you get used to it, a lot of fun. Considered a cult classic by many, Descent is buoyed mainly by its novelty and relative coherence as a game. During the FPS craze a lot of titles were released to cash in on it but only offered middling to abysmal gameplay in return. Descent is a solid game from top to bottom – it just might not be for everyone.
9. Heretic

Probably the first official “DOOM clone,” Heretic is by id Software and