Often considered a quintessential video game genre, platformers are actually a relatively recent invention – at least in the span of video game history.
Many people consider the 1982 game from Activision, Pitfall, to be the first platforming game. Of course, it wasn’t long after Pitfall’s release that the Super Mario Bros. series would make its debut on Nintendo’s Famicom and become the de facto genre icon.
But there are a lot more classics than just Super Mario Bros. And if you’ve wondered what they are, then look no further. In this article we’re going to talk about our 10 top platforming titles of all time. Some are more action heavy than others but all are tied together by the same underlying game mechanics.
10. Strider

This 1989 arcade title from Capcom made its way to just about every available system of its time. Combining acrobatic, martial arts action with platforming and a storyline ripped right out of the golden age of anime and you get Strider. Hack and slash elements also make an appearance for a game that is truly unique and compelling in a way that only arcade titles can be. The game would even become a prototype for the kinds of multimedia approaches publishers like to take today, spawning a manga and a series of spin-off titles.
9. Prince of Persia

Coming from PC publishing giant Broderbund, Prince of Persia was one of the first titles to combine Pitfall’s mechanics with complex stages that involved traps and puzzle solving. Noted for its fluid animations and realistic range of motion, the Prince of Persia was not as flashy as its modern incarnations would have you believe. Aside from jumping and climbing the prince could use a sword but, other than that, options were relatively few when it came to dealing with enemies. Still, particularly