Hitting Japanese markets in October 1998 the Sega Mega Drive introduced the world to Sonic the Hedgehog and brought thrill of arcade hits like Golden Axe and Outrun to home consoles in a big way.
The follow up to their cult classic Master System, the Mega Drive boasted of its deep ties to Sega’s arcade lineup and brokered a world between the arcades and the living room in a bid to offer consumers an experience that was more adult than the Nintendo Famicom.
Perhaps Sega’s most well known console to date, the Mega Drive initially failed to catch on with most audiences and seemed doomed to failure if and when Nintendo responded to its arrival. Not only did Sonic the Hedgehog change the game for the console wars but also it catapulted the system into the position of contender for the video game industry throne. Later spawning a family of add ons that would garner the full complement the nickname “tower of power,” the Sega Mega Drive is best remembered for its game, a few of which we want to tell you about today that you may have not heard of before now.
In this article we’re going to explore the top 10 underrated games for Sega’s super successful Mega Drive system. While everyone has their own opinions about what makes a game underrated, we think you’ll agree that these titles deserve a spot in every serious collector’s library.
10. Herzog Zwei

Though the Sega CD add-on was known for its stellar library of strategy titles, finding games like this on the 16-bit Mega Drive or Super Famicom was relatively unheard of in the early lives of the systems. Enter Herzog Zwei, a real time strategy game when such things were an unheard of phenomenon in the games industry. Unlike modern games in this genre