As we enter into what feels like the 4th century of the pandemic (it’s weird how 6-7 months can seem like an eternity), arcade manufacturers are starting to push forward as best they can. For some, that has meant exploring the world of home arcades. For others like Touch Magix, it means that certain games they have been producing for a long time get a second wind.
There have been very few “hands-free” games on both the arcade and console markets, as Microsoft’s Kinect device didn’t quite launch the revolution that it had hoped to back-in-the-day. That said, gesture-sensing technology did find it’s way to our market, either as a companion to light-guns, or as the star of the show. One game where it was a principal component in the gameplay was Touch Magix’s MagixFloor.
We first mentioned the MagixFloor back in 2016, when it was offered almost as an attraction as opposed to a self-contained arcade machine. That smaller ‘arcadified’ model would come a little later, where it would find success at venues like Chuck E. Cheeses. This also led the company to develop another “hands-free” game by the name of Mannequin Challenge (prototype / release).
Today, the company is launching a new promotional effort in response to “an increased demand” for the MagixFloor game. This includes new YouTube videos to promote some of the available games on the platform and a press release. Here are the videos; Each one is brief:

Chase The Monsters:

Chicken Chase:

Crush The Egg:

They also have launched a new touch-less digital thermometer that venues can grab if they want/need to be checking on guest temps.
Here’s the press release, where there is also a little tidbit that I hadn’t heard before – previously, the US arm of the company was based out of Delaware; Now it is Wisconsin.
It’ll be interesting