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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. The Beatles Gameplay and Display
Last week we got our first look at the Beatles display:

We also saw several onsite videos from IAAPA, the show that took place last weekend.  You can see the display in action along with gameplay in these videos:

0:36 video
1:19 video
6:33 video

It is also interesting to note that the Beatles pinball machine sits a few inches lower than the typical Stern cabinet:
This appears to be due to the back legs being screwed into the cabinet at a higher point than usual.
Hopefully we’ll have an official stream or a high quality video to view soon to see more of this machine!

2. Christopher Franchi Interview on Head2Head

Our friends at the Head 2 Head Pinball podcast interviewed Christopher Franchi on their most recent episode!  Franchi discussed the Beatles pinball machine and several other topics.  Here is one interesting tidbit he shared:
“There were two different avenues that he [Joe Kaminkow] wanted to pitch to me.  He asked me what I thought – I don’t want to mention the other one because I don’t know what the deal is with that, but the [option that was chosen] was the ’64 Beatles.  And to me – I don’t know if they’re ever going to make another one, there aren’t any talks about it, but I thought – if there was, why not start where it all started pretty much?  It just appealed to me to do that version of the Beatles and the other version wouldn’t be so much…gotta dance around this…it wouldn’t have been so straight forward, lets just say.  Regardless of how much hair they had or beards, it wouldn’t have