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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. Chicago Gaming Company Game #3 Updates

Chicago Gaming Company game #3 (rumored to be Monster Bash Remake) was initially slated for a release at Texas Pinball Festival in March, but has been delayed and has still not been announced nearly three months later.  This has led to a lot of speculation in the pinball community regarding the cause for the delays, with people wondering if there are licensing issues and when the game will be released.  TWIP reached out to a contact at Chicago Gaming Company last week, and they shared the following:
“…we are very close to announcing. I can confirm that there are no issues with licensing. We are simply taking the time to ensure that we have the best product possible for our customers.”
We contacted several other sources close to CGC last week as well, and heard the same from each of them – that they believe there are no issues with licensing and that CGC is very close to announcing this game.  It also sounds like the game should be on the production line shortly after the announcement.  Stay tuned!!
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2. New Details about American Pinball Game #2
The Head2Head Pinball Podcast interviewed Josh Kugler last week, the Director of Software Engineering for American Pinball.  Josh talked Houdini and gave some interesting tidbits regarding American Pinball’s second game, which is heavily rumored to be Oktoberfest.  Check out a few highlights below:
On code status on Houdini: “Theres three mini magician modes, and then the master magician mode…the next release will have that (master magician mode), and then one of the other mini magician modes that was missing, and at that