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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. Stern Confirms Deadpool Pinball
Last week Stern teased their upcoming pinball machine, Deadpool!  Check out the teaser video below:

So what do we know about Deadpool?  It has had one of the more unusual journey’s of any pinball machine released by Stern.  From what we can piece together from past information, Deadpool was being worked on by a designer that is no longer at Stern.  Zombie Yeti was/is on the artwork.  The original design was then completely scrapped, and George Gomez took over design.  (Source: Head2Head Pinball Podcast’s interview with Zombie Yeti.)
There was also a Deadpool image that had been floating around, and was fully leaked by Pinball Paparazzi on Facebook.  You can also click here to see a picture of the leaked image.  It is based on the Deadpool comic books.
What we don’t know is if the leaked image is the old design by the former Stern designer or the new design by George Gomez.  In looking at the metadata of the image, we know the leaked image was taken on November 15th, 2017.  The former designer was terminated on August 25th, 2017.  Is 82 days enough time to cut ties with the old designer, decide to scrap his design, assign a new designer, completely redesign the machine, and build a whitewood?  That seems like a fast turn around time.  But that playfield sure looks very Gomez-ish…
Jack Danger of Dead Flip confirmed he would be streaming the machine on August 15th, so make sure to tune in here to watch it live!  It will be the PRO version, and hopefully most of the Deadpool team will be joining the stream.

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