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NOTE: This Week Only – Tuesday TWIP is Combined with Monday…
So you’ll find all the TWIP goodness below.  Why one day instead of two this week?  Well…we’ve got some BREAKING NEWS that will be sharing exactly at 9:00AM EST tomorrow!!  Stay tuned!

— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. Steve Ritchie Interview on Special When Lit Pinball Podcast

The new(ish) Special When Lit Pinball Podcast (website, Facebook) is making quite a splash!  In their first 11 episodes they have already interviewed Dwight Sullivan, Terry from Pinball Life, and now – Steve Ritchie!  Below are just a few of the highlights from the wide ranging interview:
Special When Lit: Rumor has it, there is a story involved with High Speed and the idea behind High Speed – so I was wondering if you’d give us maybe a little bit of an insight…?
Steve Ritchie: …here is how it went. When I got back to California, I bought a use Porsche 928, and it was like the space machine of the era. It really was, the engine was balanced perfectly…it handled great, it made anybody a great driver. It had a big thick steering wheel, a jet pilot cockpit. It was just cool. I had it for about three months I guess. We decided to take that and go to San Jose [to get parts for a video game he was working on at the time]. So I’m on I-5 which is a brand new freeway at the time. Four lanes in each direction, hardly anyone on it. We leave at like 7 in the morning. There is no commuter traffic, because it is no where near cities or anything else…my partner