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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. Steve Bowden Joins the deeproot Team

Last Thursday on This Week in Pinball, the summer update from deeproot Pinball was released, along with an interview with Robert Mueller, the man leading deeproot Pinball.  As part of that update, we learned that Steve Bowden is moving to Texas to join the deeproot team.  Bowden is well known in the pinball community – for his blog Fun With Bonus, his Pinball Dictionary, his commentary at tournaments and his new podcast.  He is also one of the top pinball players in the world, currently ranked #12 in the IFPA Rankings.   Per the update from deeproot:
“Steven Bowden will be moving to Texas and joining the deeproot pinball team as a Ruleset Designer and deeproot Ambassador.  We are thrilled with Steve’s trust in deeproot’s vision, and his willingness to do some crazy things pinball has never seen before.  We all look forward to benefiting from his infectious positive personality and award winning passion for pinball.  As a deeproot Ambassador, Steve will continue to make appearances in pinball tournaments and events, as well as spearheading deeproot’s charitable outreach.  Steve will continue updating his amazing blog at http://funwithbonus.com.  More about Steve’s first pinball experiences here (http://funwithbonus.com/500-when-lit-my-first-time-playing-pinball/). Lastly, Steve will co-host an upcoming TWIP podcast and be able to talk about this transition in his life.”
This is another move by deeproot that makes the pinball community wonder what they’re up to – they haven’t released a single pinball machine but have compiled a team of talented pinball personnel.  See the full team here.  As seen in the interview, they indicate they are on pace for a launch