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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. EXCLUSIVE: deeproot’s High End Theme Revealed – Alice in Wonderland

Remember previously when we learned that deeproot Pinball’s planned price range was going to be approximately $3,500 – $50,000?  Last week, This Week in Pinball learned which theme they are planning to use for their high end machine – the one that would sell for up to $50,000: Alice in Wonderland.
What do we know about this theme?  Not much at this point, but a little.  We know that Jeremy Packer (AKA Zombie Yeti) had previously done artwork for Alice in Wonderland, and that deeproot now owns the rights to that artwork.  We also know that John Popadiuk had previously designed a foam core mockup of an Alice in Wonderland pinball machine – you can see a picture of that here.
As has been covered here before, deeproot Pinball has a huge aspirations to change the pinball industry, and they have quite a long road ahead of them to get ready for their official launch, which is expected to be at the Texas Pinball Festival in March of 2019.  That being said, TWIP has heard some rumors about the features in this pinball machine, and if those rumors are true, Alice in Wonderland will be a pinball machine like no other.

2. Scott Danesi Discusses New Game
Last week at the Southern Fried Game Room Expo, Charlie Emery and Scott Danesi were interviewed by 904 Pinball Zine (Facebook, YouTube) – you can watch the full interview here on YouTube.  Spooky had recently confirmed that Danesi is working on a second game, and here is an interesting exchange from the interview about the second game: