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— EXPO Highlights —
Oktoberfest Reveal
Unless you’ve been living in a scoop, you know that American Pinball has officially revealed Oktoberfest!

American Pinball had their big Oktoberfest reveal on Thursday night at Expo – you can check out the full reveal here!
American Pinball worked with several pinball media sources to get info out for those that weren’t able to attend the live reveal:

TWIP: Oktoberfest Deep Dive! In Depth Overview of Machine, the Features, and the Code and the Rules

SDTM: Oktoberfest: Pinball on Tap Promo Video

Head2Head: Oktoberfest – Interview with Josh Kugler

Dead Flip: Oktoberfest Gameplay Reveal

Oktoberfest Features
Some of the features of Oktoberfest include:

Multiple wireform ramps including the Awesome Corkscrew Rollercoaster, with twin loops and a Zig Zag

First loop
Zig Zag
Second loop
To see this ramp in action during the Dead Flip Gameplay Reveal, click here!

Rollercoaster Shack & Beer Barrel 3-ball lock mechanisms

Barrel Ball Lock

RGB Lighting for both Feature Inserts and general playfield illumination
Otto the Bartender – Interactive target and ball lock assembly

Otto the Bartender – bash below him to open the bar

Four Magnets, two of which are player-controlled via MagNab cabinet button

Bottom button controls the MagNab
More about the Magnets from Josh Kugler on the Head 2 Head Interview: “The game has four magnets. On the lower sides kind of lower down on the playfield are two banks of stand up targets, Oktober on one side and Fest on the other. There is a magnet around those to help get some action on those targets.