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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. Monster Bash Confirmed
Photo courtesy High End Pins
Last week Chicago Gaming Company mentioned in this Facebook post that they were very excited to announce the next title.  They also mentioned “Game #3 has just received UL and CE certification and we are already in the process of building subassemblies. We are submitting a final preproduction game for final licensor approval this week. Once we receive approval, we will announce the title.”
The only problem with this is that the sleuths in this hobby were able to look up the UL certification (view it here) and guess what they found:
4616 W 19Th St
Cicero, IL 60804-2502 USA
Pinball Machine, Model(s) 11000 (“Medieval Madness”), 11000-LE (“Medieval Madness”), 12000-CE (“Attack From Mars”), 12000-LE (“Attack From Mars”), 12000-SE (“Attack From Mars”), 13000-CE (“Monster Bash”), 13000-LE (“Monster Bash”), 13000-SE (“Monster Bash”).
So this forced CGC’s hand, and the next day they formally announced Monster Bash Remake!!

It appears they will be following the same levels of models as the Attack From Mars Remake:
CE = Classic Edition
SE = Special Edition
LE = Limited Edition
We can’t wait to see this machine and the new features!

2. Pinburgh Winner

Congrats to Keith Elwin on winning Pinburgh!  Keith beat out Andrei Massenkoff (2nd), Jim Belsito (3rd), and Cryss Stephens (4th) to win the first prize of $15,000.  An incredible performance by all four.
The final bank of games included Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Pool, PinBot, and Harlem Globetrotters.  After starting out with a on Guardians, Keith won Star Pool and came in second to Belsito on PinBot.  The final game was Harlem Globetrotters, and Keith went in one point behind, but rolled the