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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. Munsters Pros on the Line?

Rumors are ramping up that a Munsters reveal is very very close!  Last week Pinsider MNPinball (who is well connected in the pinball industry) shared the following on this post:
“I’ve heard pro production line started For the overseas units. It won’t be long for an announcement now.
I’m extremely excited for this title and it’s going to sell a hell of a lot of units I’m refraining from posting too much on here cause everybody has eyes everywhere reading stuff .
I’ve had my LE model order in many months ago. Can’t wait.”
We been hearing similar rumors here at TWIP, that Munsters Pros are on the line at Stern – look for an announcement soon!

2. deeproot Pinball Launch Postponed

Last week we learned that the launch of deeproot Pinball, which was scheduled to happen at the Texas Pinball Festival in March, has been postponed.  deeproot released the following statement:
“During a leadership meeting on December 3 it became clear that all necessary deliverables would not be ready in time for our reveal at Texas Pinball Festival. Rather than rush with little-tested innovations, fail to deliver what has been promised, or lower the level of expectation we have for ourselves, we decided to postpone the reveal. While we are not going to reveal at TPF, we chose to support the TPF experience by keeping our sizable monetary investment in tact.   We thank Ed and team for rolling out the red carpet for us.  We are grateful for their support, and would urge everyone to attend what will be another amazing pinball experience next March.”
To hear more about the reasons for