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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. The Munsters Coming to TPF?
Munsters is rumored to be an upcoming title released by Stern Pinball later this year.  On the Munsters official website, they list a schedule of upcoming personal appearances for Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster (the werewolf kid).  Last week, someone noticed a new one was listed – check out the last listing:

Texas Pinball Festival!  The listing has since been removed, so we’re not sure if that deal is officially done or not.  But it seems to be a pretty strong indicator that we may be seeing a Munsters pinball machine sometime between now and TPF 2019.  Stay tuned!

2. deeproot Price Range: $3,500 – $50,000 (ish?)
Last week, we saw this post on Pinside indicating that deeproot Pinball plans “to make various models that cost from $3,500 to $50,000”.  This is interesting as $3,500 would be significantly lower than any current NIB (New In Box) pinball machines, and $50,000 would be significantly higher than any current NIB machines.
TWIP reached out to Robert Mueller of deeproot Pinball to ask about this post and if it was accurate.  Robert shared:
“$3,500 might be a little expensive for our low end.  We wouldn’t feel comfortable taking that much profit.  As for the upper end, Kaneda keeps insisting that he wants to buy a pinball machine for $50,000.  So we would like to give him the opportunity to do so.”
It sounds like they do plan to have a wide price range.  And wow.

3. Heighway Pinball Insolvency Report
The Heighway Pinball insolvency report was released last week.  If you want to slog through the 33 page report, you can check it out on