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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. Oktoberfest Leaks, Preview, and Interview
Last week during the The Whiterose Gameroom Show in York, Pennsylvania, we saw some previews of the Oktoberfest artwork.  First, PinballSTAR Amusements  shared this walkthrough of the York Show, which included our first glimpse of the new images at around the 19:30 mark.  The images below were then captured from the video walkthrough and posted on Pinside:

One of our TWIP Correspondents was attending the York Show, and shared some higher quality images.  Oktoberfest swag was found at the PinballSTAR and the Cointaker booths.  Here are a few images:

Josh Kugler also shared an image on Pinside, showing off the two buttons that are shown on the right side of the cabinet, and we get a peak of some of the side art:

Joe Schober Interview on The Eclectic Gamers Podcast

The Eclectic Gamers Podcast released their most recent podcast with Joe Schober, who joined the American Pinball team several months ago.  Listen to the full episode here!  Joe shared quite a bit about on Oktoberfest, here are just a few highlights:
On Oktoberfest Design and Theme:
With Oktoberfest I’ve had more opportunity to be involved earlier in the process which has been really exciting and fun…The layout is pretty interesting, it’s pretty distinct, it’s hard to say he [Joe Balcer] has any signature style from one game to the next. The playfields are all radically different and unique and I think that’s certainly the case with Oktoberfest. People are going to be seeing elements that haven’t seen before. And on the ruleset side of things, I think it’s fair to say we’re trying to take it in places that people aren’t expecting.