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Happy Cyber Monday Pinheads!  Check out some great pinball deals here!

— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. Primus Pinball Revealed
A new pinball machine was revealed last week – PRIMUS pinball!  Primus is a very limited contract game that will be manufactured by Stern Pinball.
This Week in Pinball had an opportunity to interview artists Zombie Yeti and Zoltron, who collaborated on creating this machine and share the story behind this machine.  For that interview, along with a ton of more pictures, check out this article:
Primus Pinball Revealed! Interview with Zoltron and Zombie Yeti

Primus Introduction
How to Score
Interview with Artists Zoltron and Zombie Yeti

Primus also shared the following video and link on their Facebook page:

Congrats to all Primus fans on this incredible machine!

2. Beatles Reveal Stream and Beatles Video
Stern released a teaser video for Beatles Pinball – check it out!

It was also announced last week that the live reveal stream from Dead Flip will take place on November 30th at 4:00PM EST!  The stream will take place at Modern Pinball NYC.  Read the full announcement and get the details here.  We look forward to seeing more of this machine on the stream – when it goes live, check it out on the Dead Flip Twitch channel here!

3. Nic Parks Interview on Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast

Nic Parks, Owner of The Pinball Company, joined Chris Kooluris on Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast last week.  This was a wide ranging interview that covered a lot of ground – here are just a few of the highlights from Nic:
On Robert Mueller/deeproot Pinball:
Robert Mueller was a customer.  So here is a guy who decided he wanted to build a man cave and buy a pinball machine.  Then