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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. The Beatles Officially Announced by Stern
Stern officially announced the Beatles pinball machine last week, with tons of high res pictures, plus interviews on Head2Head Pinball Podcast and the Pinball News and Pinball Magazine Podcast.
Check out all the details and pictures of the machine here!

Diamond Edition: The Most Expensive New Pinball Ever
The Diamond Edition of the Beatles pinball machine is limited to only 100, and is now the most expensive new pinball machine ever made.  For this model (along with the Platinum Model), Stern has not released an MSRP, but instead allowed the price to be based on market demand.  Many have been quoted the price of $25,000.

Are They Selling?
A Stern Distributor from Fun! | Billiards and Gameroom Superstore out of Mesquite, Texas, shared the following on this Pinside post:
“I’ve sold our Diamond and a platinum and a few golds so far. They are selling.
Am I surprised. Simply put, yes. The Beatles fans are looking for who has these and where to buy.
Our Diamond didn’t go to a pinball collector but to a die hard Beatles fan that wants the one that only 99 others in the world will have.
As said before this game was/is marketed for the ultimate Beatles fans not the pinball collector community. Don’t get me wrong distributors and Stern will be happy if you purchase. I’m just stating I think y’all don’t understand your not the target audience on this particular model.”
Obviously that is just one distributor’s experience, but it is worth noting.

Code and Coin Door Update
In the same Pinside post above, it was also shared:
“All models come with a standard coindoor. All models ship with 1.01 code and