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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. Scott Danesi Talks Game #2 on Special When Lit, Plus Game #2 Teaser

The Special When Lit Pinball Podcast (website, Facebook) continued their streak of great interviews – they interviewed pinball designer Scott Danesi on their most recent podcast!  He talks quite a bit about the new game he is designing.  Below are just a few of the highlights from the interview:
Special When Lit: Are you working on anything right now for [game] #2?
Scott Danesi: Well…if you guys turn around…you can see…
SWL: [laughs] We didn’t want to divulge…I didn’t know what was safe for the podcast [laughs]
SD: [laughs] No it is all good! So there is a cabinet sitting here. I do have a whitewood cut. I need to test out the geometry and stuff. It will be not the last whitewood I cut, I will guarantee that. The geometry’s gotta be right, it’s really gotta be right. Any kind of clunkiness I can’t have that…
SWL: You want a free flowing game that shoots well…
SD: Absolutely. I do spend a lot of time cutting whitewoods because I luckily have a CNC here in my garage, so I’m able to go out there, spend two hours, cut the next whitewood, quickly mock parts up on to it…because what I do is – when I’m making a machine…when I cut the playfield, I’ll stick the flipper assemblies on there with just two or three or maybe four screws maximum, just quickly mock them up on there, stick the flipper bats on them, stick some posts in where the main shots are just to delineate the shots and go ahead and shoot them,