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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —

1. Deadpool Shipping
One of the best things about Stern reveals – we saw the gameplay reveal of Deadpool by Dead Flip on August 15th.  Within a week, we are seeing Deadpool machines in the wild!
Taken right after my first play on Deadpool!
My Deadpool Experience
8/15: Deadpool Stream
8/22: Stern builds machine that will end up in Indianapolis
8/24: Said machine set up on location at Centerpoint Brewery in Indianapolis
8/25: Is 11:00 AM too early for me to go to a brewery?
And this is happening all over the place!!  Well done Stern.
In case you missed it, This Week in Pinball did a DEEP DIVE into Deadpool last week where we go over many of the rules and an in-depth overview of the machine.  This week we’ll be doing our five LIKES and five DISLIKES of the machine – stay tuned!

2. Tanio Klyce Interview

The Head 2 Head Pinball podcast interviewed Tanio Klyce on their podcast last week – it was a great way to get to know Tanio, who has worked on software for Stern for many machines in the past.  Deadpool is his first time being the “lead” on software.  This interview is packed with interesting information about Deadpool and Tanio Klyce – here are just a few highlights:
Ryan C: So lets talk about Deadpool rules, so what is the story? You’re Deadpool, you’re hanging out in your basement with your friends, playing his own game, there is a Seawitch in the background. Is it Flight 2000, what is the other game in the background?
Tanio: There is a Flight 2000, a Quicksilver – Colossus is playing a Quicksilver…we’ve got Frenzy and Berserk. So he’s hanging