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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. The Beatles Revealed
Last week, a website called The Beatles Store released the video promo for The Beatles pinball machine, which is the upcoming machine from Stern/Ka-Pow Pinball.  It is a reskin of the Stern Seawitch, and according to The Beatles Store article, there will be 1964 total machines made, with 1614 of those being a GOLD Edition, 250 being a PLATINUM Edition, and 100 being a DIAMOND Edition.
TWIP Article: Check out all the details and rumors that we know right now!
Here is a snapshot of The Beatles:
Physical differences between Seawitch and Beatles Playfields:

A spinning disk with a magnet in the middle

A magnet in the top middle of the playfield

Lite Mystery stand up targets at entries to left and right loop (these were just posts on Seawitch)

Ok so not the best photo, but you can see it on the left side

Mystery Award stand up

Yeah these pictures are getting worse, but it’s what I have to work with!

A Super Jackpot shot behind the drop targets on the left side

Additional spinner on left side of pop bumpers

First spinner
Second spinner (overhead blurry view)
HUGE thanks to Tommy Skinner of This Flippin’ Podcast (Podcast Garden, Facebook) for the following additional differences!

Behind the drop targets on the left that have a Super Jackpot target behind them, there appears to be a path for the ball to return to the left inlane (see pic below)
“There is now a one-way gate in the shooter lane.  Previously there was no gate there so a shot under the upper right flipper went back to the shooter lane for another plunge, now with the gate, a soft plunge is a skill shot, and shooting