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Who are the Pinball Brothers?
Last week This Week in Pinball covered the Fall of Heighway Pinball.  This week we’ve been trying to find out more about the Pinball Brothers, why the company was formed, what role they played and what they’re up to currently.
Pinball Brothers Limited was formed on June 16, 2017, very shortly after the investors took control of Heighway Pinball and Andrew Heighway stepped down.  Officers listed are:

Mats Daniel Janson
Cato Paus Skrede
Alexander Thomas Spohr
Johan Patrik Tenn

We have reached out to members of Pinball Brothers for answers, but they have declined to comment thus far.  Right now we have more questions than answers.
Will Pinball Brothers Produce Machines?
It is sounding more and more like the Pinball Brothers company is planning to move forward and attempt to build/sell their current titles:

Barry Oursler Original Theme (same vein as Oursler’s Cyclone and Hurricane)

A lot of time and money have been invested in these titles, particularly Queen and Playboy.  We’re hearing Queen would be the first title, and that it would be done on a new platform – not the swappable playfield idea that Heighway was initially trying to create.  We’ve also heard that Alien may still be on the table down the road.
Why was Pinball Brothers Limited formed?
From what we’ve heard, the investors set up this new entity and transferred Heighway Pinball’s valuable assets to Pinball Brothers which would ensure that Heighway Pinball’s debts and liabilities were expendable, if it came to that.  Which of course it did.  Pinball Brothers were then able to erase Heighway’s debts, while holding onto the assets that had been transferred.
This brings up a lot of questions.

Was the plan all along to close up